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  • FDIC Targets Board Responsibilities

    FDIC Targets Board Responsibilities

    “A topic is at times of such significant interest to bankers and examiners that it warrants a special issue…”  Whenever something from a regulatory body begins this way all bankers should take notice, and the latest Special Corporate Governance Edition from the FDIC is no exception.  In fact the Guru did a little research and the last time the FDIC released […]

  • FDIC Files Record Number of Lawsuits in 2012 – 2015 UPDATE

    UPDATE 2: We in fact did see a significant decrease in O&D lawsuits in the past few years:   [pullquote]“The FDIC will not bring civil suits against directors and officers who fulfill their responsibilities, including the duties of loyalty and care, and who make reasonable business judgments on a fully informed basis and after proper […]

  • FDIC changing annual IT report to Board?

    Based on recent examination findings, it would appear that the FDIC is changing what they expect to see in the annual information security report to the Board of Directors.  The requirement for the report is established in the FFIEC Information Security Handbook where it states that a written report to the board should describe the […]