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  • Incident Response in an Outsourced World

    UPDATE – On June 6th the FFIEC formed the Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Working Group, designed to enhance communications between and among the FFIEC members agencies as well as other key financial industry committees and councils.  The goal of this group will undoubtedly be to increase the defense and resiliency of financial institutions to cyber […]

  • FFIEC Updates Technology Service Provider Guidance

    Just posted, the new Booklet rescinds and replaces the previous one issued in March 2003, and is the first Booklet replacement since Retail Payment Systems in 2010.  In general this is not so much a complete re-write as a reinforcement of the importance the agency places on strong vendor management, which is a concept that […]

  • FFIEC issues Cloud Computing Guidance

    Actually the document is classified as “for informational purposes only”, which is to say that it is not a change or update to any specific Handbook and presumably does not carry the weight of regulatory guidance.  However, it is worth a read by all financial institutions outsourcing services because it provides reinforcement for, and references […]

  • FFIEC Handbook Update – Outsourcing

    The FFIEC has just added a section to the Outsourcing Technology Services IT Examination Handbook, and it should be required reading for financial institutions as well as any managed service providers.  The new section is Appendix D: Managed Security Service Providers, and it is the first significant change to the Handbook since it was released in […]

  • The single most important vendor management control

    Pop quiz…according to the FFIEC Handbook on Outsourcing Technology Services… “The ________ is the single most important control in the outsourcing process”: Initial due diligence process Review of third-party audit reports Contract Risk Assessment Vendor’s financial stability I’ve written before about the importance of the third-party review in the ongoing vendor management process (and how […]