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  • Ask the Guru: A Prospective Vendor Either Won’t or Can’t Provide the Documentation We Need. What Should We Do?

    Ask the Guru: A Prospective Vendor Either Won’t or Can’t Provide the Documentation We Need. What Should We Do?

    Hey Guru! We’re doing our due diligence on a new HR software package. We’ve requested the vendor’s financials and a SOC 2 report, but they told us they don’t provide financials (they are privately held), and their SOC 2 won’t be completed until the end of the year. They do have a SOC 1. What […]

  • Vendor Management in 3 Parts. Part 3 – Risk Management (or, “can we or can’t we?”)

    The last step in the vendor management process is to manage, or control, the risk that was identified in step 1, and assessed (as inherent risk) in step 2.  Controlling risk is defined as applying risk mitigation techniques (or “controls”) to reduce risk to acceptable levels  It’s important to understand that risk can never be completely eliminated, […]

  • Technology Service Providers and the new SOC reports

    What do all of the 2012 changes to the IT Examination Handbooks have in common?  They are all, directly or indirectly, related to vendor management.  I had previously identified vendor management as a leading candidate for increased regulatory scrutiny in 2012, and boy was it.  (Not all of my 2012 predictions fared as well, I’ll […]

  • 5 Keys to Understanding a SOC 2 Report

    Although I have written about these relatively new reports frequently, and for some time now, it still remains a topic of great interest to financial institutions.  Fully 20% of all searches on this site over the past 6 months include the terms “SOC” or “SOC 2”, or “SAS 70”.  Some of this increased interest comes […]

  • FFIEC Handbook Update – SAS 70 Transition

    The FFIEC has just updated their online IT Examination InfoBase to address the AICPA phase-out of the SAS 70 reporting format.  All references to “SAS 70” have now been replaced, and the SAS 70 sections of the Audit and Information Security Handbooks have been completely removed.  Previously there were a total of 31 references to […]

  • NIST releases new Cloud Computing Guidelines

    Although not specific to the financial industry, the new guidelines provide a comprehensive overview of the privacy and security challenges of this increasingly popular computing model.  It’s worth a look by both financial institutions considering cloud-based services, as well as service providers, because NIST guidelines often wind up as the basis for new or updated […]