Tag: Vendor Management

  • Looking back – 2010 compliance hits & misses

    Every year about this time, I’m asked to look ahead to the upcoming year and prognosticate on regulatory compliance trends.  I  intend to do just that in a future post, but today I wanted to do something very few other prognosticators do…look back at last years’ predictions and see which ones hit and which missed […]

  • New FDIC Survey Results and Third-Party Providers

    The new FDIC Supervisory Insights Winter 2010 newsletter addresses several issues of interest to bankers, including Trust Preferred Securities, Managing Agricultural Credit, and Senior Life Settlements.  But there was also a section that analyzed the results of a survey that was conducted by FDIC examiners over the past year.   The more than 2,100 responses […]

  • SAS 70 replacement…3 alternatives

    I’ve written about this  here, here and here, and we are still waiting on additional guidance from the AICPA, now expected March/April 2011.   But of greater interest to financial institutions is the opinion of the FFIEC, which refers to the SAS 70 in the IT Examination Handbooks 30 times, and has yet to officially […]

  • SAS 70 vs. SSAE 16 from the service provider perspective

    Although it’s unclear what, if anything, the FFIEC* will say about the new standard before it is officially adopted in June of next year, one thing is certain…both vendors and financial institutions will need to become familiar with the differences in the interim.  And one of the most significant differences between the two reporting standards […]

  • The FFIEC Handbooks and the SAS 70

    I’ve written about the 6/15/2011 phase-out of the SAS 70 report in favor of the SSAE 16 series (SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC3) here and here.  The AICPA isn’t expected to update their audit guide until sometime early next year, but financial institutions are anxious to get the FFIEC to comment, as the SAS 70 […]

  • The 5 trickiest FDIC IT examination questions (part 5).

    In my last post, I asked you to weigh in on what question you wanted me to address in this final post of the series.  This one came from a bank that was in the process of actually filling out the questionnaire, and it’s a good one.  It’s found in the Vendor Management section: “Has […]