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  • CAMELS ratings and regulatory reform

    The ability of management to respond to changing circumstances, and to address the risks that may arise from changing business conditions, has become an area of increased examiner scrutiny in the wake of recent large financial institution failures.  Accordingly, the “Management” component is given special consideration when assigning a CAMELS composite rating.  What are the […]

  • New Guidance and New Challenges in Remote Payment Systems

    This whitepaper talks about the recent FFIEC guidance on Retail Payment Systems.

  • Outsourcing – Rewards and Risks

    There are twelve booklets in the FFIEC IT Examination Handbook series, and ten of them make reference to the importance of managing third-party relationships. Today, the vast majority of financial institutions outsource at least one business function, and almost 50% of institutions outsource at least one critical business function. Among community financial institutions, the percentages […]

  • Disaster Recovery & Strategic Planning: How alignment can reduce risk and cost

    If it’s been done correctly, your business continuity program has been developed to support your Banks’ strategic plan. The capabilities of your hardware and software have been carefully selected to coincide with the needs of your target market. Your financial projections are based on your ability to successfully penetrate your target market, and your DR […]

  • Vendor Management – BITS and Pieces

    The effective management of critical vendors is an essential risk control. The FFIEC mentions this several times in their Examination Handbooks, most recently in the “Information Security” Handbook from July, 2006. Although most financial institutions are accustomed to approaching this from their own perspective, i.e. from the serviced side, this white paper will take a […]