Top Topics for 2011

With every one else doing their end-of-the-year top ten lists, I thought I might join in and see what topics were most popular with visitors to the Compliance Guru site in 2011.  There were a total of almost 24,000 page views, and here are the 5 most popular blog posts with view counts:


  1. AICPA finalizes SAS 70 replacement
  1. Vendor Management and the SAS 70 Replacement
  1. Interpreting The New FFIEC Authentication Guidance – 5 Steps to Compliance
  1. SAS 70 replacement…3 alternatives
  1. 5 Key Elements of Risk Management


So there was definitely a trend here…3 of the top 5 searches related to the AICPA phase-out of the SAS 70!

Something else I found interesting was the search term people used to find the Compliance Guru site.  This is another pretty good indication of what people are concerned about.  Here are the top 5 keywords:


  1. “sas 70 replacement”
  1. “sas70 replacement”
  1. “bank service company act”
  1. “ffiec”
  1. “key elements of risk management”


No surprise that the SAS 70 again dominated, but I thought “bank service company act” was a bit surprising.  One of the biggest reasons folks search for terms like this is when they hear them from an auditor or examiner for the first time, so I take this as an indication that the BSCA may be a continuing trend going into 2012.

I may have other lists as I continue to review the data, but since the SAS 70 is so popular here is a shortcut to all blog posts related to that subject, most recent first:

See you all in 2012!

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